History of bitcoin cryptocurrency

Despite the fact that many people started counting down the history of bitcoin cryptocurrency from 2009, information about it already started appearing in 2008. In August 2008, the domain bitcoin.org was registered, and a couple of months later, in October, information describing how it works and general information about the cryptocurrency was posted. By November, the project was added to SourceForge.net.

The very first block in bitcoin history was snowballed on 03.01.09, at 18:15 GMT. It was created at 50 BTC. So, January 03, 2009 became a significant day for all cryptocurrency enthusiasts. It is associated with the birthday of bitcoin. It is the first cryptocurrency in the world. Already in a few days on January 12, the first transaction in the history of bitcoin was carried out. Already by the end of the year, the developer released an updated version of Bitcoin v0.2. Now everyone can get a bitcoin card thanks to the website https://cryptopay.me/buy-bitcoins. But first bitcoin has gone a long way of development.

The development of Bitcoin

In 2010, the first ever cryptocurrency exchange “Bitcoin Market” was created. Since then, it is accepted to consider bitcoin as a currency. The developer did not stand still and by July 11 released another updated version of Bitcoin v0.3. In connection with that, the bitcoin rate jumped slightly more than 10 times against the dollar! And it was just for one day. The next day, the value of bitcoin was already about 8 cents.

After the creation of the Bitcoin Market, other cryptocurrency exchanges began to appear. Between 2010 and 2011, more and more cryptocurrency exchanges were formed. More and more people began to learn about what bitcoin was. Users who liked the topic began to find their first pools. They were intended for general bitcoin mining. People interested in the subject began to found the first pools that specialized in bitcoin mining. Slush was the first resource in history that was dedicated to pooling groups of individuals together.

Since 2011 in operations with cryptocurrencies other fiat currencies, such as: euros and pounds sterling and the like, began to be used in addition to dollars. However, this affected the rate, which began to fluctuate as far back as 2012. Interest in bitcoin grew stronger and stronger. This is good on the one hand, but on the other hand bad. The number of cases with theft of cryptocurrency from users’ accounts increased. The developer did not ignore this and began to improve their product, increasing its security

Between 2013 and 2016, the bitcoin cryptocurrency rate tried to grow with varying success, but after failing to reach almost $300, it could not show impressive results. A major breakthrough for bitcoin’s history in rising in value was December 2016, when the growth finally crossed the threshold of $1,000, but I stopped there and continued to grow rapidly. If you read this article, you know that the value of the first cryptocurrency recently exceeded $60,000, after which it was corrected and is ready for a new start. If you are an investor, it will be useful for you to study the service https://cryptopay.me/bitcoin-wallet.

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