How to configure headphones for CS:GO

These days it’s hard to find CS:GO players who would play on speakers and not headphones. But not many players know that any headphones need to be adjusted before playing CS. The right settings could well be compared to legal cheats, because they will allow you to locate your opponents by steps and shots with pinpoint accuracy.

However, you’ll find out the details in this article. Setting up the headphones consists of several parts, so below we’ll distribute everything one by one to make the information easier for you to understand. You can also use if you want to buy skins.

Setting the equalizer 

First, you’ll need to click on the speaker icon, in the bottom right corner of your desktop on the start bar. After that, you’ll need to open the sound settings. And if you have Windows 10, click on “sound control panel” in the window that will open. As a result, you will have to go to the table. In the list of available devices, find your headphones and right-click on them. Select Properties. This will open a fairly large window with several options available to you. You will need to select the “Enhancements” item. In the opened table you should put a checkmark near the function “Loudness Equalization”.

So, now you are probably wondering what you have done now. In fact it is a very cool feature. The thing is that you’ve adjusted the equalizer so that loud sounds in CS:GO will be muted (e.g. bomb blast, AVP shots or AK clip, etc.) and quiet sounds (shots from M4A1-S, distant steps, etc.) – on the contrary, will become louder. Now you will be able to hear the enemy’s stomping from afar and give the team valuable information. 

Stereo sound

Mistakes of this kind occur even at very high ranks in matchmaking. Players buy new headphones and rush to test them, completely forgetting about the settings. And in the game they have a situation where they hear the stomping of the player, but do not understand which side it comes from. To fix this you have to go to “start” and then to “settings”. In the table that opens, select the “special features” item. This is where you will need the “hearing” section, the “sound” item. Go there. If you encounter a problem with mono sound, then most likely your slider for enabling mono sound is on and because of it you cannot locate your enemy accurately. Disable this feature and everything will normalize.

How to connect to your computer

Many players simply connect headphones to the front of the system unit for convenience. However, this is a mistake, especially if your motherboard has a native output for the sound card. Connect your headphones from the back, or directly to the sound card. 

Dolby Atmos

This is an app that further customizes the sound, including the sound of games. The program has a special section for adjusting the sounds in various games. This will allow you to get even better and clearer sounds in CS:GO, and will additionally muffle high-frequency sounds.

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